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Tree Removal

Tree removal is a process which can be carried out in a number of ways, the tree can either be:

* straight felled for quick and often safer procedure

* sectional dismantled to avoid ground impact and hazards below

* sectional dismantle and lowering using ropes and pulleys for safe removal usually on roads and areas with various hazards and obstructions.

Tree and shrub pruning

Some of the main reasons for pruning are as follows:

  • to contain a trees size

  • promote good foliage

  • promote fruit on fruit bearing trees

  • as an alternative to a removal of a tree that’s root systems are causing problems to water systems and foundations on near by housing and fixtures.

  • weak branches

  • deadwood removal

Time of year for pruning varies between different species of trees as there are many non native trees within England , we take pruning seriously to allow maximum stimulation of new growth and and general health of tree. On smaller reductions we often prune with hand saws allowing us more precision with cuts made.

Crown Lifting and Thinning

Crown lifting-requires the removal of lower branches and deadwood often shaded out but the upper canopy to allow clearance for walkways / vehicles and general access

Crown thinning is a way of removing crossing branches that can rub and cause open wounds within the trees canopy and allowing light to travel through the crown of the tree.

Hedge Trimming / Shaping and Garden Maintenance

We have specialist tools to carry out all manor or hedge cutting, trimming and shaping. We can advise on how much to cut back too without being too detrimental to growth rate and also cut back enough to fill out hedges that are not completely formed allowing better sound and sight boundaries. We also happy to help with all aspects of garden management.

Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees hold significant biological, aesthetic and cultural interest as well as valuable role in nature as habitat trees. It is common that veteran trees are frequently in susceptible and weak conditions. As a result the temptation is often to remove them.However, with careful planning and ongoing management we can help you safely prolong the life and keep in an attractive state.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a process that’s carried out once a tree has been removed , with the use of a machine we can bore into the ground to remove the base and root system of the tree.